How are the regular customers of this fast food still alive?

I must admit that I have never been in a Sonic. I know there was one on Route 9 in Wappingers for a while, but I never got there and it eventually closed. I think there may have been one in Kingston as well. I never got there either. Not that I had planned to. So, I really have nothing to do, but here it is. All I really know about Sonic is what I see in their ads. But ads are constantly running.

I’m not saying the ads aren’t smart, they are. And I’m not saying the menu items don’t look good, they do. But definitely not good for you. In fact, when I see the advertisements and the various dishes they promote, which are apparently the most decadent on the menu, my first thought is how can someone survive eating regularly in a place like this ? Have you seen the advertisements?

I just saw a Sonic commercial for a Bacon on Bacon Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger. Which they drizzled with a Double Stuff Oreo Blast. And an Oreo Double Stuff waffle cone. Or maybe try a hot dog loaded with chili and cheese. Delicious, I’m sure, but how much can you eat before it starts to do damage?

In Sonic’s defense, I realize there are probably much healthier grilled options in Sonic, but you sure wouldn’t know that by looking at the ads. And all I really know about Sonic is what I see in the ads. And the ads aim to target the American masses, which means most customers want the wrong things. Well, you only live once, I guess.

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