Hotel guest reveals unique buffet breakfast – and people were stunned

A WOMAN has revealed the very strange breakfast buffet she spotted in an Italian hotel – and people were stunned.

American tourist Romina shared a video on TikTok while staying at the NAHOTELS Capotaormina hotel in Sicily.


A woman has revealed a very strange hotel breakfast while on holiday in Italy (stock image)Credit: Getty

In her video, she showed how, using a special lever machine, croissants could be filled with all kinds of flavors, such as Nutella, pistachio cream or jams.

Captioning the video, she wrote: “Breakfast in Italy has a different hit.”

The clip has been viewed over 17.5 million times, and many viewers have been amazed by the clever concept.

One person wrote: “Omg this is genius.”

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Another commented: “Omg what a machine.”

A third shared, “THIS IS SO SMART.”

And a fourth added: “Food magic”.

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A former hotel employee even revealed how to get free on-the-go breakfast.

Janessa Richard, who worked in hotels, explained that there is no need to skip breakfast even if you leave too early.

She told her followers, “If your breakfast is included in your stay but you leave before the breakfast start time, you can ask the staff to prepare a take-out bag for you with a few items in it.”

However, a former hotel employee also revealed the foods you should never eat at the hotel buffet — and that’s not good news if you like waffles and eggs.

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The TikTok user demonstrated how she was able to fill her croissant with Nutella or even pistachio cream


The TikTok user demonstrated how she was able to fill her croissant with Nutella or even pistachio creamCredit: TikTok/@rominachiodi1

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