‘Heart Attacks Diner’ Replaces Health Food Restaurant in West Tamworth | The head of the daily newspaper in the North


A new restaurant offering “diabetic desserts”, “heartburn wings” and an eightfold burger will replace a former health food store in Australia’s most obese suburb. Hillvue Road in West Tamworth was to be the site of a new vegan, keto, and paleo restaurant called The Shack. Tamworth’s version of the health food store was polished by COVID-19 even before it opened and sold out earlier this year. Instead, the storefront will become the new “Heart Attacks Diner”. Heart Attacks Diners currently operates at Wagga Wagga and Young. Advertising everything from “Heartburn Wings” and “Dogs Against Cholesterol” to “Family Meals for Heart Attacks,” the take out couldn’t be a bigger contrast to The Shack. Shack business owner Stephen Ajami told the chef in May he was drawn to Tamworth because the city already has so many fast food options. “We like to open wherever we see a McDonalds, a KFC or a Porto. We like to stand next to them and have that option. Wherever there’s one of these fast food stores, that’s where we go. would like to open, ”he said. noted. “Our menu is like a fast food [restaurant], but all in a healthy way. We are convinced that we can take a piece of the pie out of these fast foods and be for healthy people. the chef on Friday. The ‘Heart Attacks Diner’ was contacted for comment on this story. The suburb of West Tamworth is considered Australia’s largest. According to 2017-18 Australian Health Policy Collaboration data, a whopping 93.8 percent of Suburban residents are overweight. Statistics show that at least 3,790 people in Tamworth have diabetes. Our reporters work hard to provide local and up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our content of confidence :


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