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Eating a healthy meal on the go isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do. While most fast food restaurants now offer some sort of salad, salad options at these restaurants are limited, and even so, salads are often loaded with sodium and offer very little protein or usable energy for the body. . For anyone looking for more options that will not only satisfy their hunger but keep their body energized, five new restaurants will help solve that problem in the coming months.

Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe, a healthy Northern California fast food chain, recently agreed to open five new restaurants right here in Tucson. Although there are over 120 sites in the United States, these will be the first five to reach the Old Pueblo. Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe is under the same management as F45 Workout Gyms which also opened here in Tucson recently. Unlike other gyms in the area, F45 is geared towards personalized training systems, exercises, as well as assisting members with enhanced wellness, which includes dietary information.

Vitality Bowls Superfoods Coffee is about cutting out the unwanted gunk of fast food and focusing on foods and ingredients that will improve everyone’s diet. The menu offers everything from bowls to smoothies, wraps, salads and juices. Customers won’t find greasy or fried foods here. Customers who order a bowl can either create their own from scratch or order one of the bowls from the set menu. For example, the Vitality Bowl comes with a base mix of bananas, strawberries, organic flax seeds, organic acai berries, and Vitality Bowls signature mix. Guests can then add toppings including honey, bananas, more strawberries and bananas, organic granola, organic goji, and a wide list of berries. The different bowls are geared towards different goals for the body. There’s a bowl to help with all-day endurance, or a high-protein bowl to help build and repair muscle.

In terms of wraps and sandwiches, there are also all sorts of options. Some of the wraps and sandwiches to choose from include a Morning Glory (tomato, basil, scrambled eggs, goat cheese and other ingredients), Vitality Wrap (hummus, avocado, super green mix, roasted potatoes, lemon tahini dressing and garlic aioli), Superseed Avocado Toast, Peanut Butter and Chia Toast, and others.

There is no exact date set for the opening of the five new locations, nor any selected locations. However, many will likely open near current F45 workout gyms. To stay informed of when these locations open to the public, be sure to follow Vitality Bowls Superfood Cafe Facebook page.

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