Grand Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet Hilton Singapore

Brunch Buffet at Hilton Singapore Orchard

You know what they say good food, good mood”. Singaporeans love to feast on delicacies and we won’t miss any opportunity to binge, especially when this grub comes in endless quantities.

With the return of self-service buffets, Hilton Singapore Orchard launched the Grand Sunday Champagne Brunch Buffet in their home restaurant, Domain. With refined charcuterie and all-you-can-eat bubbles, here’s what you can expect from the brunch buffet:

Champagne and oysters in free circulation

Image credit: Eatbook

For families who can never agree on the cuisine for lunch, this buffet will probably be the solution to put an end to the age-old controversy. Dive into the range of dishes inspired by international cuisines. Get a serving of Chinese classics like braised pork shanks with sea cucumber or go French with their selection of terrines.

If your cheese mantra is “the stinkier, the better,” you won’t want to miss the buffet’s motley cheese cart selection of 32 types of cheese. There are mild soft cheeses, as well as stronger cheeses like Roquefort and blue imported from France.

These go well with the breads, fruits and nuts that are offered to you to prepare your own charcuterie. Options are plentiful at the cheese cart, which includes sourdough, rye bread, figs and dried apricots.

hilton singapore orchard buffet wide variety of cuisines
Photo credit: Hilton Singapore Orchard

The seafood section is probably what we look forward to most at a buffet, and this one has oysters at will from Canada and France. Besides oysters, you can also fill your plate with lobster thermidor, tiger prawns and even sashimi. To fix a surf ‘n’ turf plate while you’re at it, with the selection of ham, wagyu prime rib and roast duck with black truffles.

While you’re gorging on these goodies, wash it all down with bottomless champagne by Laurent Perrier that is sure to tickle the heart of any drinker. Change things up DIY cocktail barwhere you can play bartender by mixing your own alcoholic beverages to your liking.

Hilton singapore orchard buffet kuehs and fruit pies for dessert
The dessert includes local kuehs and delicious
fruit pies.
Image credit: @ivmoments

They say there’s a separate stomach for desserts, so even if you’ve had your fill, know that you can end your meal on a sweet note at this buffet. There are a ton of options for everyone in the family to get into. For sweet tooths, clouds of cotton candy are freshly made at the resort, while older palates who prefer it “not too sweet” can go traditional. kuehs.

Kid-friendly activities like face painting and pottery

Mom and Dad – feel free to relax with a drink in hand and let Estate take care of the childcare with their series of child-friendly programs.

Little ones will be kept busy and entertained with activities like pottery and an on-site magician. There’s even face paint where kids can request to be dressed as their favorite cartoon characters. And if parents want to join in the fun, there’s even a hopscotch grid available to play.

Treat yourself to an all-you-can-eat buffet at the estate

hilton singapore orchard buffet estate restaurant chefs
Photo credit: Hilton Singapore Orchard

If you were looking for a sign to offer you a gourmet meal, it’s here. But it is a place that would be best enjoyed in the company of others.

With Father’s Day fast approaching, bring the family together to celebrate dad at this delicious buffet. It’s an equally great place to call your best friends for Sunday brunch when the weekend rolls around to take a break from the bustle of the week.

Since $158/adult and $79/child, indulge in the restaurant’s largest buffet yet. Although extravagant, there is no harm in spending a little money once in a while to enjoy the finer things in life.

Make a brunch reservation at Estate

Regular buffet: $158++/adult, $79++/child (6-12 years old)
Buffet with unlimited champagne, wine and house cocktails: $188++/adult
Children 5 and under: free
Address: 333 Orchard Road, Level 5 Hilton Singapore Orchard, Singapore 238867
Brunch hours: Sun 12pm-3pm (Not available Monday to Saturday)
Phone: 6737 4411

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Cover image adapted from: Eatbook, Hilton Singapore Orchard

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