Gas Station and Fast Food – Forest Way, Karawatha

A development application has been submitted for a petrol station and food restaurant, located at 19 Forest Way, Karawatha.

Designborn by Verve Building Design, the the proposal is for a one-storey service station and retail building positioned northwest of the site and a future development site located in the northern part.

Development details
– Petrol station (300m²)
– Fast food (180 m²)

Service station (Rental 1)
– Fuel canopy over 4 fuel dispensers
– Truck canopy over 3 fuel dispensers
– Loading dock
– Service Station / GFA Shop 300m²
– New underground fuel storage tanks, with divided compartments
– 32 shared parking spaces provided (1 PWD)
– Single story building height
– Forecourt awning
– Illuminated sign on pylon
– Interior vehicle access.

Fast food (Rental 2)
– 32 shared parking spaces

– 13 cars in car
– 1 waiting post
– 180 m² of gross floor area
– Loading/service dock
– Internal vehicle access

Thirty-two (32) shared parking spaces (one (1) PWD space) with a separate dedicated air/water point. A new shared driveway to Forrest Way will be provided and the exit only allows access from Wembley Road. The new internal maneuvering area will allow access to each new land use.

The planners of DTS Group, state “The rural area code supports a service station on a thoroughfare and, where it facilitates existing concentrations of center-type activity. The site concerned is able to demonstrate its compliance with the overall results. The associated food and beverage outlet contributes to the mix of center-like activities and is on a scale that supports and is secondary to the site’s main use as a service station”.

“The proposed development is within the acceptable outcomes of the Service Station Code as it is not adjacent to any sensitive land use and has an appropriate land use mix that matches the local area. The development is intended to meet the retail, commercial, community and service needs of the local community”.

The proposals aim for 480 m² of gross floor area (GFA) to be placed on the site area of ​​6,789 m².

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Application information and references
– Filing date: February 23, 2022
– Council reference: A005953844
– Address: 19 Forest Way, Karawatha
– Rural area
– Neighborhood map: None
– Candidacy report: DTS Group
– Design drawings: Verve Building Design
– Interactive image: Google Streetview and Aerial

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