From fast food to food customization

Whenever diners want to satisfy their hunger, they rush to fast food chains to feast on burgers, noodles, momos, manchurian, pizzas, etc. It’s not just Indian brands that have seen this rising trend as a big opportunity, even overseas restaurants have made an inroad into this particular segment in the country. The dishes, which are a bit different from the usual Indian dishes and are dipped in exotic sauces and new sauces, have caught the attention of young people in the country.

Nowadays, such dishes are in great demand in restaurants, but with additional alcohol, which is, in fact, a trend in the world market. Restaurants like McDonald’s, Taco Bell have introduced monster drinks and alcoholic beverages in their international menu to complement the food they offer to customers. According to a Technomic World Report, Champagnes and Proseccos; Campari, soda aperitifs, hard sodas and sparkling teas are the new accompaniment to fast food. So, fast food chains in India can really work on this global model to benefit them in terms of increased sales.

Navigate the boat

Renowned restaurateur Priyank Sukhija, who introduced some of the country’s most original restaurants, brought global trends like these to his restaurants. From a stylish decor to an extensive menu with wines and drinks, this is what the young entrepreneur offers his customers in India. “My interior designers hate me, because I tell them to just execute my ideas, leaving aside their imagination. I believe in tying the whole concept together, and every year, in each of my restaurants, we are adding 20% ​​new items to the menu and removing 20%,” Sukhija said.

Likewise, Riyaaz Amlani, known as the king of cafes, is promoting the way people eat and drink in global markets with his new restaurant – Cafe Social. Meanwhile, as Chairman of NRAI, Amlani also suggested Delhi Tourism Ministry to lower drinking age from 25 to 18, so that more people can enjoy a good food around a good drink.

On the same war front, India’s four-month-old burger chain Carl’s Jr, which is the world’s third-largest burger brand, has partnered with Kingfisher Beer at its outlets – offering a combination of “beer and burger” to the fast-paced young Indian whose favorite drink remains beer in the country.


Champagnes and Proseccos; Campari, soda aperitifs, hard sodas and sparkling teas


8.5 to 9.5% growth


Carl’s Jr, McDonald’s, TacoBell, Cafés Out Of The Box, Imperfecto, Vault Cafe, Social

Therefore, we can see that with this trend leading to a healthy business, it may spur more brands to experiment with the additional drinks feature, which could be the main growth driver for the industry. It was believed that McDonald’s had been serving Coca Cola for more than two decades in its US stores, but with the latest trend heating up the industry, the brand has changed its historic menu to meet customer demands. And it could be called McDonald’s latest attempt to reverse its downward trajectory and boost sales.

According to a Fortune report, it was also mentioned that Monster Drinks, which is solely part of the Coca Cola Group, is the beverage major’s latest marketing move as it diversifies its offerings due to soda sales in the United States. United States has steadily declined over the past decade, while energy drink sales have increased by 6.4%.

So, as operators find new ways to enhance limited-service dining experiences into an expanded overall experience as customers turn to the “better” fast food, personalization is definitely the way forward.

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