Fountain Inn, hosts buffet to mark Queen’s funeral

At the Fountain Inn, Slad Road, Stroud, regulars gathered as a community on this historic occasion.

Families, friends and children were at the pub, which was recently taken over by owner Chloe Phelps and her father Steve Dangerfield.

The pub opened at 10am to show the funeral before offering an afternoon buffet of cream tea, scones, cakes and more.

Union flags were draped along the bar and at the window with many attendees dressed in black.

Those in the pub appeared to be in good spirits, spending time with loved ones, as many across the region and country would have done at home or with their local community.

“A lot of regulars asked us to do something because they didn’t want to sit alone for the funeral,” owner Chloe Phelps said.

“A funeral can be a difficult time for a lot of people, so it was really nice for all of us to be together.

“Showing this event means people are not left out.

“We thought it would be good for us to do something together that day, especially since we’re trying to give a good community vibe to the place.

“We are a family pub and we try to organize events like these for the community.

“Many regulars also prepared some of the donated food and/or items for the buffet so we could all enjoy together.”

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