For Nippy’s Soul Food Restaurant, new partnership and new location

Hardie Ballard, owner of Webo’s Food Truck & Catering, has partnered with his aunt and uncle, Marsha Bordeaux Corbett and William Bordeaux, owners of Nippy’s Soul Food Restaurant, to expand the capabilities of both businesses.

The partnership brings a change of location for Nippy’s from 17th and Queen Streets to 2206 Carolina Beach Road. The new location will serve as a commissary kitchen for Webo’s and offer three times the space of Nippy’s, which can now accommodate up to 105 people. The new restaurant also includes a private event space.

The merger will result in slight changes in both menus, as Ballard, known by many simply as “Webo,” incorporates some of Webo’s dishes into Nippy’s menu and vice versa. Iconic Webo dishes such as oxtail, chicken and rice will now be available at Nippy’s.

Ballard graduated from the Culinary Program at Johnson & Whales University and started his first food truck 12 years ago.

“Since I’m going to cook for both the truck and the restaurant from this location, we’re going to take the best of both and bring them together,” Ballard said.

He said he’s working on setting up a lunch buffet that will offer an express lunch for $ 10.99, as well as a weekend seafood buffet that includes fried shrimp and fish. , shrimp porridge, seafood casseroles and a variety of side dishes.

He’s also working on a breakfast menu as well as a full bar that is slated to launch by August 1.

Ballard said his aunt Marsha and uncle William were still very involved with the business, which they founded in the fall of 2018 and named after their mother, “Miss Nippy.”

As for the food truck, Ballard still plans to serve from its “home base” at Cape Fear Restaurant Equipment, 1851 Dawson Street, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or whenever food is available. is exhausted.

Ballard pointed out that while some of the vegetable dishes at Nippy are made with meat products such as pork fat, all of the vegetables served on the truck are made without meat.

The best place to follow Webo’s food truck is on Facebook, while the The Webo website is the place to go for reservations.

The full menu and ordering for Nippy’s are available online.

Nippy’s Soul Food is open Tuesday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday noon to 6 p.m.

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