Flaming Grill Buffet coming to Tokyo’s former Deptford buffet location?

Flaming Grill & Modern Buffet arrives at Locust Grove Plaza in Deptford, in a location that until a few years ago housed the Tokyo Hibachi & Sushi Buffet.

The plaza is the white and blue tilted mall on the corner of Clements Bridge Rd and Almonesson Rd. The Cannabist dispensary is a recent addition to the center.

Flaming Grill & Modern Buffet is planning to come to Locust Grove Plaza in Deptford. The brown paper is at the windows!

For the new sideboard, it will not be a simple effort of “dusting the interior”.

While today the front windows of the Deptford location are freshly papered ahead of the interior construction project, when I stopped on 10th October the windows were clear and I could easily see inside.

And inside…all the space has been stripped down to the support beams and overhead ductwork. A collection of kitchen equipment was in one area.

The new Flaming Grill buffet in Deptford will be a brand new indoor build! Literally north remnants of the old buffet in Tokyo.

So basically it will be a new “basic” buffet restaurant.

From my research, I can see that the overall buffet experience ahead will look familiar, with the extensive buffet of appetizers, starters, desserts…including sushi and crab legs.

BUT, Flaming Grill promises all fresh food delivered daily.

Honestly the pandemic has taken its tool from the buffets in the area and it will be nice to have a high quality one in the Deptford area.

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Image from circa 2019, of the Tokyo Buffet which was located in Deptford. A new Flaming Grill & Modern Buffet arrives on site with a brand new interior construction.

Flamboyant grills and modern buffet

The documents I have for the new Flaming Grill location show the address of Locust Grove Shopping Center in Deptford as the location.

The mailing address is listed at their East Hanover NJ location, which opened last month.

In a story about the location of East Hanover Flaming Grill written by Marilyn Johnson on Newsbreak.com, she describes them as a family restaurant offering seafood, hibachi, American, Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

They receive fresh products 6 days a week (except Sundays)… while many other buffets use frozen!

Factor in the fact that Flaming Grill has over 350 delicious dishes to choose from each day, it’s quite a logistical effort to bring all the food, unbox, cook a portion…all in the same day!

All fresh ingredients delivered daily except Sunday. 350 different items in total! (Flaming Grill Facebook)

With 39 locations across the country, the East Hanover location was their first in New Jersey.

Marilyn’s Newsbreak article goes on to say that they have eight more planned for New Jersey, and apparently Deptford is in that mix.

The upcoming East Hanover and Deptford locations are around 10,000 square feet, so I’m expecting the Deptford location to also accommodate up to 400 people (just like East Hanover)

Not much on that story right now, but you know I’ll have more as the restaurant gets closer to opening.

Links and location

Flaming Grill & Modern Buffet – Deptford (Not yet open)
Locust Forest Square
1692 Clements Bridge Road
Deptford NJ 08096

Location of Hannover East:


Cover of Marilyn Johnson on Newsbreak.com,

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