Fast food worker explains why you should never order drinks with ice from McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Subway

A fast food employee explained why you should never order your drink with ice when ordering in a restaurant.

A Dunkin Donuts staff member took to TikTok to share the warning, which came as a shock to fast food lovers around the world.

The warning applies to all fast food restaurants, including McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, KFC, and Five Guys.

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The Dunkin ‘Donuts worker from the US shared how much liquid you actually get if you have ice with your soft drink, like Birmingham Live Reports.

And he feels it’s not even worth it.

He decanted the drink from cup to cup without the ice – and said you actually get about half the amount of liquid.

Talk about a waste of money, eh?

One Tik Tok user wrote: “This is why I am not asking for ice cubes, it takes up too much space and it dilutes the drink.

“I always ask that there is no ice and just add more when I get home,” warned a second.

“It doesn’t surprise me,” wrote a third.

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Tik Tok users flocked to have their say and admitted to being shocked by the revelation.

Some have said they won’t order ice cream with their drinks the next time they visit Maccies, Burger King, or Subway.

Tik Tok’s video has gone viral, racking up numerous likes, comments and shares from disbelieving viewers.

Some suggested they weren’t surprised by the news, however, and commented that it was a tactic to hit fast food chains for some time now.

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