Fast Food Breakfast Series: Wendy’s

Let’s continue with our Fast Food Breakfast Series, we visited Wendy’s. It’s our current trend to compare the breakfast fast food scene to see how they stack up against each other. For this review, we checked their downtown locations.

I’m in the city center a lot so this was a great place to go to have breakfast while driving. How does that compare? Let’s find out.

Our breakfast order at Wendy’s consisted of:

  • Baconator
  • Seasoned potatoes
  • Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit
  • (not in the photo) Frosty-ccino

Let’s just say the Frosty-ccino hasn’t come home. I’m not a big fan of cold brew, but I found this blend of cold brew and a vanilla frost quite delicious; and not too sweet.

The chicken cookie was a bit hard and dry. We also weren’t too crazy about the seasoned potatoes which were also dry and more bland.

At this point my visit to Wendy’s for breakfast was starting to be a huge problem.

BUT… .. the Baconator saved the day. It was probably the breakfast sandwich I ate at a fast food restaurant. If you like to eat healthy, grab an avocado toast and move on. This sandwich included grilled sausage, American cheese, applewood smoked bacon, a freshly cracked Grade A egg, more cheese and more bacon, all topped with Swiss cheese sauce. It was one of those unhealthy guilty pleasures that made you wonder if dieting is worth it.

If everything was as good as the Baconator, I would be there all the time. It was easily the saving grace for what was, for the most part, a very lackluster breakfast.

Besides the Baconator, what are your favorites at Wendy’s?

Good dinner,

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