“Farewell lovely people” – Bath’s street cafe, Phat Yaks, closes its doors for good

A popular Nepalese street food cafe in Bath has announced it will not reopen.

Phat Yaks, near Kingsmead Square, recently made the announcement on Twitter as many businesses prepare to reopen on Saturday, July 4th.

While Phat Yaks is closed, the team will continue to operate its sister Nepalese restaurant, Yak Yeti Yak, on Pierrepont Street.

The cafe said it will reopen its street food stalls when the festivals take place again, but has meanwhile bid customers a heartfelt farewell.

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The tweet reads: “Goodbye lovely people, we won’t be reopening.

“Sarah and Sera will still be at Yak Yeti Yak and Arun will reopen Khana as soon as the festivals resume.

“We hope to see you there.”

Phat Yaks has been contacted for comment.

Others have since taken to social media to lament the news.

One of them wrote: “This is very sad news. May your future be doubly bright to make up for it xxx”

Another commented: “It’s a shame – your pakora wraps and curries are going to run out fast!

One of them tweeted: “We will miss you, but we will be looking forward to seeing you at @ Yakyetiyak1 rather early.”

Yak Yeti Yak delivered meals to the Royal United Hospital during the lockdown.

The restaurant recently tweeted that it would reopen in late July.

Phat Yaks got five stars on TripAdvisor and was ranked 14th out of 99 for “Quick Bites” in Bath.

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