Famous child star opens up about shocking ‘buffet’ of drug and alcohol abuse

Child star-turned-adult Josh Peck revealed his former addiction to drugs, alcohol and food on Wednesday.

Peck, 35, who has been sober since 2008, once weighed nearly 300 pounds while filming Nickelodeon’s hit show “Drake and Josh,” according to PageSix. Peck starred on the hit show from 2004 to 2007, BestLife reported, before embarking on a rocky film and television career. (RELATED: No Major Hollywood Movie Has Made China the Villain Since ‘Red Dawn’ Remake Bowed to the CCP)

Peck went on to say that he was relentlessly teased for being an overweight musical theater kid with no “social status,” according to People. Acting became Peck’s natural defense mechanism for his weight until he spent a year and a half following a religious regimen of exercise and diet that caused him to lose 127 pounds.

“It became clear that once I lost weight, I was the same head in a new body,” Peck explained. “What’s really clear is that I’m overreacting. And then I discovered drugs and alcohol. And that became my next chapter. I used food and drugs to numb my feelings.

Peck began using drugs like cocaine as a teenager and continued to experiment with alcohol and drugs until his twenties, the outlet reported. “It was really a buffet,” Peck described. “I had this illusion of becoming more confident and attractive when I participated.”

Instead, Peck’s addictions caused him to develop an “unstable and erratic” reputation in Hollywood. “I had worked so hard for this thing and I was about to lose it,” Peck told People. He then enrolled in a treatment program, which led to about 14 years of sobriety.

“I was always looking for something on the outside to fix my insides,” Peck told People, “but eventually I realized that if my life was beyond my wildest dreams or a total mess, it wouldn’t didn’t change the temperature of what was going on in my mind. I knew that nothing in the outside world would make me feel whole.

Source: Excerpt from The Daily Caller.

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