Expensive new fast food restaurant in Poughkeepsie: 41 minutes is not fast

I don’t go to fast food restaurants too often. I don’t even eat red meat. Sometimes I go for coffee at McDonalds, but other than that, hardly ever. However, every once in a while I get itchy for one of these plant-based burgers and will go to this fast food restaurant which makes some really good ones.

There’s a brand new one of those plant-based burgers not too far from where I live, so this weekend my boyfriend and I decided to buy a few burgers. What a mistake. There were only a few drive-thru cars and maybe two or three people inside. We went to the drive-thru, which is a double serve drive. The line was small but did not budge. Not at all. So we all sat there. And then a car came up behind us so we couldn’t leave if we wanted to.

It was 21 minutes before we got to the speaker and there were only 2 cars in front of us when we pulled up. And a car in the other drive-thru. Anyway, we sat at the speaker for another 7 minutes before ordering. And then we waited. It took us another 5 minutes before we got to the window to find they didn’t have our order ready. It didn’t even sound familiar to them. And it was only two burgers. 5 more minutes for a grand total of 38 online. But wait… there is more.

When I counted my change, ten dollars were missing. So I had to go inside and get my money back. It took another 3 minutes. And we hadn’t even had a bite to eat yet. Let’s sum up. We entered the drive-thru service of the brand new, state-of-the-art fast food restaurant at 6:08 am. We pulled away at 6:49 am. And the worst ? The burgers were cold. Will I be going back? I think I’ll wait until they fix the problems.

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