Evansville, Vanderburgh County food, restaurant inspections

Adeles, 4488 First Ave., no violation.

Pizza Azzip, 4660 N First Ave., no violation.

Bar & Grill behind the scenes, 524 Main St., a non-critical violation: the seals of the freezer compartment in the kitchen must be repaired or replaced.

Barnes & Noble Bookstore, 624 S Green River Rd., no violation.

Biaggi´s Ristorante Italiano, 6401 E Lloyd Expressway, no violation.

Bob Evans Restaurants, 1125 N Green River Rd., no violation.

Bourbon Street Grills, 800 N Green River Rd., no violation.

Burger King, 2501 Menards Drive, no violations.

Casey’s General Store, 2020 S Green River Rd., no violation.

Willy’s Catfish, 5724 E. Virginia St., no violation.

Grilled Mexican Chavas, 4202A 1st Ave., a critical violation: employees do not wash their hands properly (fixed).

Experience in China, 800 N Green River Rd., a critical violation: improper storage of raw eggs in a cooler; a non-critical violation: In use, utensils are not stored properly.

king of china, 590 E Diamond Ave., two critical violations: Potentially Hazardous Foods Not Chilled Properly (Fixed); Employees are not washing their hands as required (corrected).

Chino Taco Mobile Food Service, two critical violations: Improper storage of raw chicken; Handwashing temperature not provided with hot water reaching a minimum of 100° Fahrenheit; a non-critical violation: rice scoop stored in standing water not maintained at 135 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Circle S-Mart, 5230 First Ave., no violation.

Culvers, 1734 Hirschland Rd., no violation.

dairy queen, 1159 E Virginia St., no violation.

dairy queen, 901 W Franklin St., no violation.

Dexter K-5 Elementary School, 951 Dexter Ave., no violation.

Dominos Pizza, 5714 First Ave., no violation.

donut bank, 210 N St. Joseph Ave., no violation.

Dunkin’, 850 N Green River Rd., no violation.

Engelbrechts Country Orchard, 16800 Old Petersburg Rd., no violations.

friendship dinner, 834 Tutor Lane, no violations.

God´s Kids Preschool – McCutchanville Community Church, 9505 Petersburg Rd., no violations.

Harded, 2315 W Illinois St., no violation.

herradure, 4610 Bellemeade Ave., three non-critical violations: dishwashing machine conveyor not working properly; No hot water provided at sink; Accumulation of dead parasites to be eliminated.

Hot burritos, 5625 Pearl Drive, no violation.

Jeanne’s gelato and more, 2003 Lincoln Ave., no violation.

jimmy john, 130 N St Joe Ave., a non-critical violation: employees do not wear face coverings.

The Campirana, 724 N. Burkhardt Rd., no violations.

Larkins Produce, 2312 S Old SR 65, Owensville, Ind., no violation.

bind Famous Recipe, 411 N St Joseph Ave., a critical violation: Dishwashing chemical sanitizer concentration too low (fixed); a non-critical violation: the chemical sanitizer dispenser in the three-compartment sink is not functioning as intended.

Lic ice cream, 2001 Washington Ave., a non-critical violation: establishment lacking disinfectant test strips.

Caesar’s pizza, 2007 Washington Ave., a non-critical infraction: no disposable towels at the sinks (corrected).

LKmart Inc.., 2345 Covert Ave., no violation.

Lodge K-8 Community School, 1400 E Riverside Drive, no violation.

Logans truck stop, 5645 Pearl Drive, Critical Violation: Keeping Potentially Unsafe Food Cold Above 41 Degrees (Fixed).

The bone well done, 3534 N First Ave., Critical Violation: Potentially Hazardous Foods Not Properly Chilled (Fixed).

Marlet to Main / Ford Center Plaza, 1 SE MLK Jr. Blvd., no violations.

Panera Bread Bakery-Café, 220 N Burkhardt Rd., no violations.

Dad Jeans, 4204 First Ave., no violation.

Pie Pan Restaurant and Bakery, 905 North Park Drive, Critical Violation: Hand washing sink in clogged dish room (fixed).

Pizza hut, 4508 First Ave., no violation.

To the right Things, 1321 N Fulton Ave., no violation.

STACK’d Supplements, 2101 N Green River Rd., no violation.

Star Buffet, 5435 Pearl Drive, non-critical violation: Dishwasher does not dispense sanitizer.

Starbucks, 504 N Green River Rd., no violation.

Metro, 1300 E Morgan Ave., no violation.

Metro, 510 N. St. Joseph Ave., no violation.

taj mahal, 900 E Tutor Ln., no violation.

TGI Fridays, 800 N Green River Rd., no violation.

The Duffy Shuffle, 1203 E Baseline Rd., no violation.

Thornton, 701 S Green River Rd., no violation.

Trailer Treats, 8144 East 440 North, Montgomery, Ind., no violations.

Tropical Smoothie Coffee, 2101 N Green River Rd., a critical infraction: sink used for purposes other than hand washing (corrected).


The Charro, 720 N Sonntag Ave., two critical violations: food stored without cover or wrapper (fixed); Potentially Unsafe Cold Foods Stored at Improper Temperature (Fixed); a non-critical violation: the prep chiller is not operating as expected; all other violations corrected.

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