Diners watch Pizza Hut server’s alleged double dip at buffet in ‘gross’ video

An alleged Pizza Hut server appeared to take repeated sips directly from a buffet ladle in a video that has the internet squirming.

A 2009 Clemson University study of enforcers supported by the “double dipping” of a single dipping policy, found that biting a cracker or chip before re-dipping it significantly increased the bacteria in the dipping. The researchers said the number of bacteria varied depending on the dip, with salsa absorbing more bacteria than chocolate or cheese.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a lasting impact on restaurants, with many closing buffet-style eateries to curb the spread of the virus. Although buffets have gradually reopened across the United States, a Statista analysis in May 2020 found that 65% of adults said they were “not very or not at all likely” to return to a buffet after the lifting of restrictions related to COVID-19.

Pizza Hut diner Josh Hampton captured an alleged waiter eating directly from a communal ladle at the restaurant’s buffet. Posted on April 4, Hampton’s TikTok video has amassed 1.7 million views.

“The Pizza Hut waiter,” he captioned the clip, which showed the employee putting food into what looked like a take-out container.

Between two spoons, she used the take-out spoon to eat from a ladle and directly from the container at least six times. Finally, she returned the contaminated ladle to the serving bowl and put the take-out spoon in the container.

“This whole place is about something,” the restaurant muttered behind the camera. As the woman continued to eat, he added in amazement, “Oh my god.”

Another person near him said, “She is literally eating out of the container.”

An alleged Pizza Hut server appeared to take repeated sips directly from a buffet ladle in a video that has the internet squirming. Viewers called the employee’s actions “rude” and “disgusting.”
Nathan Stirk / Contributor/Getty Images Europe

Behind the waiter, another customer glared at her several times with wide eyes and a furrowed brow in apparent disapproval.

Viewers shared the diners’ horror in Hampton’s comments section, calling the employee’s actions ‘rude’ and ‘disgusting’.

“How are people so comfortable sharing their germs,” ​​wondered one viewer who claimed to work in the restaurant business. “I literally redo the food [people] order if my finger brushes the food.”

“It’s not even worth going out and eating anymore,” another person lamented. “Eat at home, you save money and it’s safer.”

A commentator claimed to be aware of the incident.

“This is my hometown,” viewer Kellie Goode wrote. “She was fired immediately and everything was removed from the salad bar.”

Another Pizza Hut employee went viral last year for eating on a customer’s food. Meanwhile, a viral video has sparked outrage over the working conditions of restaurant workers with footage of Pizza Hut workers hiding behind a counter to eat.

Newsweek contacted Hampton and Pizza Hut for comment.

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