Department of Health closes M&M Soul Food Cafe for second time in 90 days

Southern Nevada health district closed again M&M Soul Food Coffee at 2211 Las Vegas Blvd. S. on September 17, its second shutdown in the past 90 days, after an inspection of 33 demerits with seven violations that were exactly the same as previous inspections.

Violations included improper hand washing, dirty cooking utensils in a clean area, exposed insulation in the freezer, and 11 bags of chopped collard greens kept at unsafe temperatures. Inspectors saw a food handler touch a trash can with gloved hands, then touch ready-to-eat bread with soiled gloves. They found mold in the ice maker, bugs in the loose flour, and an unshown scorecard.

While the restaurant returned to a zero demerit rating on September 19, it is now part of the health district administrative process. According to the KTNV, this means:

“Environmental health staff spend considerable time in facilities when a downgrade occurs, educating staff and resolving issues. This includes reviewing an establishment’s procedures to identify how methods can be changed or implemented, demonstrate how to perform tasks correctly, and provide ongoing training. Unfortunately, some facilities are unable to achieve compliance and continue to exhibit a model of uncontrollable risk factors for foodborne illness. If this model continues, we are implementing an incremental process designed to advance the institution’s education, as well as to include increased regulatory requirements.

The health department closed the restaurant on July 19 for rude and unsanitary conditions and repeated violations during a failed re-inspection. On June 11, the restaurant received a C demerit rating from the Department of Health, prompting re-inspection which found multigenerational cockroaches in the kitchen. Then he was given a C unfitness rating on August 22 after an employee filed a complaint with the health department.

The health department closed the main dining room at Paris Las Vegas after inspectors discovered a multi-generation cockroach infestation on September 17. KTNV reports that the dish room is now “placed in the administrative process due to repeated non-compliance with the health code”. It returned to an A rating with no demerits on September 24.

The closed health district Taqueria El Buen Pastor at 525 E. Bonanza Road on September 18 for a problem with its ventilation system, an imminent health hazard. It reopened with an A zero demerit rating on September 19.

Also closed, the food truck Tejuinos Don Raul after inspectors found neither water nor refrigeration, two imminent health hazards, on September 19. Also spotted, several flies in the food preparation area. The food truck remains closed.

The health district carries out unannounced inspections at least once a year. Inspections are posted approximately five days after the inspection. The Southern Nevada Health District regularly closes restaurants that receive more than 40 demerits. Restaurants have the option of requesting a re-inspection prior to the next scheduled inspection.

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