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Updated Friday November 12: Today, Denny’s opened the first of what should be dozens of small, fast-casual cafes dubbed Denny’s Coffee. The country’s first opened at 7 a.m. in Orange.

To note: The giveaway to customers will take place on Dec. 4, Denny’s said on Friday.

Read the previous story below and view exclusive photos of the cafe by clicking through our slideshow:

Denny’s is expected to open early next week a prototype fast food version of its chain of cafes in Orange. The quick serve coffee will be a first of its kind for Denny’s as it embarks on a new strategy to build smaller stores across the country.

Denny’s Coffee will offer diners a Denny’s Short Menu in a quick and casual format. More cafes are expected to open across the country through franchising. A second café opens in December in Livermore, California.

How it works: Diners will order from a take out counter and have their food brought to their table similar to the service found at Panera Bread or Corner Bakery. Denny’s promises that meals will be delivered to your table within 8 minutes of ordering. For those on the go, meals and filter coffee can be ordered to go. Coffee costs $ 1.85.

The menu will feature Denny’s main favorites, such as the Grand Slam breakfast, as well as value foods offered at prices ranging from $ 2 to $ 8.

The new restaurant, among more than 20 Denny’s in Orange County, is slated to open next week, possibly even Sunday. Stay tuned for updates on my Fast Food Maven blog or

Free alert: When it opens, the first 100 customers will receive free food for one year. To learn more about the contest and to get an exclusive first look at Denny’s Café, click on our Denny’s Cafe photo gallery. NOV. 12 UPDATE: Denny’s said the giveaway has been moved to an official opening event slated for December 4.

Address: 133 S. Yorba St. (At Ralphs Mall at the corner of Yorba Street and Chapman Avenue)

Hours: 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day.

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