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Fast food chains have been jammed with free offers in recent months. In October alone, Wendy’s distributed free frosties, hamburgers and nuggets, Taco Bell surprised fans with breakfast burritos and Popeyes launched its ongoing Grubhub deal. Burger King offered customers free chicken sandwiches in November, and now McDonald’s is set to launch its Mariah Menu – 12 days of free food from December 13 until Christmas Eve. The bar for free offers, at the moment, couldn’t be higher.

But Raising Cane seems to have missed the memo. The Louisiana-based chicken chain has just announced a new “free” event of its own – a month-long giveaway of individual servings of Cane’s Sauce.

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To celebrate the recent recognition of their signature sauce as the #1 most appetizing sauce in fast food, the chain will offer members of its rewards program free single servings of its exclusive sauce once a week during the month of December. Yes, we are talking about a free serving of sauce. . . once a week.

Understandably, Raising Cane fans aren’t too impressed with the move and shared their mockery on Reddit. “This is the most disappointing free item in fast food history,” said the lead comment that seemed to speak for the majority.

Other top comments included a joke about Raising Cane’s 40 cent surcharge for extra packets of Cane’s Sauce, which the customer said should be free in the first place, and a post revealing the recipe for the sauce. “owner”, which seems to be quite easy to do at home.

However, the free sauce is, in fact, a big deal for Raising Cane’s. According to a customer on the subreddit, the chain typically serves no more than two packets of sauce with any order of its chicken strips and charges 35 cents for each additional serving.

If Cane’s Sauce really is that good — worthy of the fast food’s top spot and an extra 35 cents per pack — then Raising Cane’s is, in a sense, giving its customers a valuable gift. But again, customers might be better off using this counterfeit recipe to create their own version at home.

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