COVID Crooner Emerges From Pandemic With New Band ‘Jimmy’s Buffet’

Fans of Jimmy Buffet and Elvis can enjoy a tribute concert at Music Box.

SAN DIEGO — If you’re a music lover who can’t decide between Elvis and Jimmy Buffet, this weekend you can enjoy both. In this Zevely Zone, I have a preview of this Sunday’s tribute concert at the Music Box with a familiar face.

Chris Maddox has an unbreakable spirit. At the worst of the pandemic, the man known as the COVID crooner gave San Diegans reason to hope. Quarantined from his closet, the local businessman turned Sinatra into smiles with his parody songs. “That’s what happens when they stick me at home and shut down all sports,” Chris said.

Chris was originally called the ‘Crisis Crooner’. He then became the “COVID Crooner”. Then the self-proclaimed Hamilton nut reinvented himself as PPE Patriot. “San Diego, we got it,” Chris said. “There are a lot of serious things. I’m not the guy for serious things.” Chris’ message of optimism made headlines and was also covered nationally by Inside Edition, pushing him even further.

From his home in Carlsbad, the COVID Crooner kept us laughing with songs called “Wear Your Mask” which is a parody of Hamilton’s musical hit “You’ll be Back.” It was like, “I see you’re mean, you say covering your face is a price you’re not willing to pay. You cry that you want to be safe but it’s a job for a other guy,” Chris sang. As a husband and father, Chris wears many hats and in this case a crown. “Heavy is the head that wears the crown,” Chris said with a smile.

Chris encouraged people to donate to the San Diego Food Bank throughout the pandemic when his videos were viewed online by many people. “Three million,” Chris said. Live music is back, and so is Chris with his new band Jimmy’s Buffet. “We’ve got the steel drums, we’ve got the beach balls, we’ve got the Tiki men, we’ve got the palm trees,” Chris said of his all-you-can-eat Jimmy Buffet tribute band.

Believe it or not, Jimmy’s Buffet is just the appetizer for this Sunday’s second act at the Music Box. The title will again be Chris in “Graceband, a 12-piece tribute to Vegas-era Elvis,” Chris said.

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So, to be clear, Chris is the opening act for himself. “My high school fantasy came true,” he laughed. If ever COVID needs another karate chop, Chris Maddox will be waiting dressed as Elvis or a parrot head. “We have left ailerons and right ailerons,” Chris said.

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Chris’ two bands, Jimmy’s Buffet and Graceband play at the Music Box on Sunday August 28th. Doors open at 7 p.m. For more information on tickets, click here.

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