Cockroaches, rodents closed buffet, caterer

A buffet restaurant and a catering business received emergency orders to close in the week of Sept. 11-17, according to data from the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation.

Restaurant Buffet & Grill Sazon at 701 W. Lancaster Road in Orlando closed Sept. 12. Officials made two visits to the restaurant. During the two visits, they found 24 violations, five of which were high priority. These violations included the use of household pesticides, cockroach activity, raw food stored on feed, and a missing vacuum breaker.

Inspectors made another visit on September 13. They found 18 violations, granting time extensions for four of the five high-priority violations. The restaurant met inspection standards.

Hoffner Catering & Supply at 4880 B Distribution Court Unit 1-2 in Orlando closed September 14. Officials found 17 violations, four of which were high priority. These violations included a missing vacuum breaker, cockroach and rodent activity, and a stop sale issued on tomato sauce due to temperature abuse.

Officials conducted a follow-up inspection on September 16. They found nine violations, two of which were high priority for operating without a business license and one time extension for the missing vacuum breaker. Inspectors said a follow-up inspection was needed, but allowed the business to reopen.

Orange had the top spot for most warnings and other complaints in Central Florida with 32.

Volusia County had 24, Brevard had 10, Seminole had 17, Lake had 10 and Osceola had seven. Warnings given with required follow-up inspections could result in a business closing if problems persist.

You can view recent restaurant inspections below for all of Central Florida for the past 30 days. Those with emergency orders were closed due to high-priority violations and only reopened after follow-up inspections approved those violations.


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