Chuck and Blade Burgers: We visited the best fast food restaurant in Medway according to Tripadvisor and immediately understood the hype – Sam Honey

What is the secret of a good burger? This is a question that could be debated for hours and hours, and you’re sure to get a different answer from anyone.

Clearly though, Chuck and Blade Burgers in Rochester have cracked the secret with no problem considering they are currently the highest rated fast food restaurant of all Medway on TripAdvisor with an overall rating of 5/5. It’s really no small feat, considering the competition and how important people can be to food.

With that in mind, we couldn’t help but want to try such a reputable restaurant for ourselves. I traveled to Rochester and couldn’t wait to taste what might be the best burger I’ve ever had.

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First impressions

I was very impatient to discover such a famous restaurant

I have to say that I was immediately impressed with the location. The restaurant was stylishly modern but still cozy and comfortable.

During my visit I was greeted by very lovely staff who were incredibly friendly and attentive throughout my meal. The popularity of the restaurant took hold immediately, given that at the time of my arrival there was only one free table, so I had definitely chosen the right moment for my lunch – the candle on the table was also a nice touch.

In keeping with the very hip vibe of the place, I also have to give credit to whoever controlled the music in the restaurant, with a playlist of modern rock (the truest way to my heart if there was one) that really elevated the overall experience for me. Of course, the main reason I was here was the food, and looking at the extensive menu, I was excited to get my hands on it.

My food

My cheeseburger and fries immediately impressed me
My cheeseburger and fries immediately impressed me

I decided to play it safe, opting for the regular cheeseburger which came with two patties, American cheese, French mustard and ketchup, with a side of skin on fries and a Coke to wash it all down. . From the first bite of the burger, I knew I was in for a treat.

Delicious is not a strong enough word to describe this burger, it was really something else. From the beautifully tender and flavorful burger patties themselves, to the incredibly moist, lightly toasted buns combined with the sauces and cheese made for a burger I won’t soon forget.

With each additional bite, my opinions were only reinforced and I grew more and more sad about the less burger I had left to enjoy. Looking at the menu, I’m very excited to try out some of the more extravagant options in the future.

It was clear to see that they had really cracked the code to make the perfect burger. Not to mention the fries, themselves incredible, perfectly balanced between a crispy exterior and a soft interior.

It didn’t take me long to look down and see an empty plate, a true sign of a good meal. It’s a burger I won’t soon forget and priced at £14.40 for everything I ordered, it certainly didn’t break the bank either, especially for a food from such quality.


A clear plate, the truest sign of a good meal if there is one
A clear plate, the truest sign of a good meal if there is one

Does this restaurant deserve so much praise and hype? Absolutely, I can’t think of a restaurant in Medway that is beyond me.

With a branch also open in Canterbury, I really can’t recommend this place more. I know I will be back, probably very soon.

Now the question remains, is this the best burger I’ve ever had? I have to be honest and say probably.

I draw a blank over all the others that have left me so impressed in the past, even Five Guys, which has been one of my favorites over the years, has been overshadowed by this. So if you’re ever in the area and craving lunch, skip McDonald’s or Burger King and make your way here.

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