Canadian fast food cafe ranked from worst to best

If you’re pressed for time and low on energy, then a fast food cafe just might be the thing that will turn your day from good to great. These days, it seems like every burger restaurant in the country has a coffeemaker. But should they?

We took a detailed look at the morning cup of coffee offered by six popular joints across the country to see who has the most drinkable coffee.

Our ranking takes into account the aroma, the price and the body, but it is mainly about its taste because it contains us caffeine.

Here are the best fast food cafes in Canada ranked from worst to best.

6. Burger King


If Ax body spray was a coffee, it would be an infusion of BK.

Both overwhelming and disappointing. It lacked material and was not very fresh.

5. Metro

best coffee

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Serving brewed coffee in individual pods, the coffee experience here felt more like a polite reflection than a genuine offering.

The tasteless and watery result left a lot to be desired. At least it was hot.

4. A&W

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A&W coffee had a mild aroma but had a cocoa flavor note that was more distinct than some of its competition.

3. Tim Hortons

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A cup of Tim Ho had a decent aroma.

The taste was harmless – a bit bitter and a bit nutty. He lost a lot of points by having no body and fell like water.

2. McDonald’s

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McDonald’s sells its coffee at a low price, and it’s not that great.

He was certainly tastier than Tim Hortons, with a sturdy body that persisted. It’s a pretty “middle of the road” cafe that wouldn’t offend too many people.

1. Starbucks

best coffee

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Starbucks leads the rankings primarily for offering lots of options (light, medium or dark roast) and for having the most complex flavors – nuts, cocoa, caramel and spices.

It’s the most expensive coffee on the list, and there are times when it can turn “burnt taste,” but if you’re in desperate need of caffeine, this is your best bet.

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