Canadian fast food breakfast sandwiches ranked worst to best

The breakfast offerings in Canada are nearly endless when it comes to the best on-the-go options, but there’s always one that takes the cake and is simply the best.

We compare breakfast sandwich offerings at six different joints nationwide to determine once and for all who has the ultimate sandwich.

Here are some of the best breakfast sandwiches in Canada, ranked from worst to best.

6. Starbucks


Considering their breakfast sandwiches come out of a fridge before they’re toasted in the oven, they’re definitely not the most delicious option.

While their sausage, cheddar and egg sandwich will do in a pinch, and we applaud their vegetarian options – it’s not enough to overcome their less than fresh taste.

5. Metro

Microwave eggs just don’t taste the same as those fried on a grill. Plus, the Subway Sandwich Bread is so symbolically tied to their lettuce-filled lunchtime sandwiches that its appearance before noon is off-putting. Even if you opt for the English muffin, the Subway cheese doesn’t pack enough punch for the morning.

For these reasons, we rank Subway Breakfast Sandwiches last.

4.Burger King

Probably the reason everyone would go to Burger King has to do with the delicious flame-grilled burgers.

Their options are filled, like the Fully Loaded Croissan’wich, but BK just doesn’t have the craving that other fast food places have.


Whether you get it on an English muffin or a sesame seed bun, A&W breakfast sandwiches are a bomb. They are also among the fattest and saltiest, which is perhaps why we love them.

When you start your day with a sausage and an egg, you can’t really go wrong.

2. Tim Hortons


(CNW Group/Tim Hortons)

Anything plant-based can be intimidating to some, but honestly, Tims hit the nail on the head with this one. If you’re used to your typical sausage breakfast sandwich, you’ll have no problem snacking on the Harvest Breakfast Sandwich.


Forget your classic Egg McMuffin; the salty-sweet McGriddle is FINALLY back across Canada and, of course, it’s coming in first place.

You can’t go wrong with a pancake, egg and cheese sandwich filled with syrup. It’s this sweet combination that makes it the best breakfast option on the market.

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