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Galway Bay FM Newsroom: Galway City Council chief executive Brendan McGrath has confirmed dandelion growth is a key factor in determining when grass mowing should start.

The case sparked a heated exchange of words between two members at this week’s town council meeting

The warmer temperatures in March can make grass grow and Councilor Terry O’Flaherty asked a question about it at this week’s council meeting.

She asked if the Council would start mowing the grass.

Deputy Mayor Councilor Martina O’Connor, who was chairing the meeting, responded by saying it was too early to mow the grass.

That would have to wait, Councilor O’Connor said, until the dandelions had gone to seed.

Otherwise, she said “we won’t have any food”.

There was no question of requiring the grass to be cut at this stage, the deputy mayor said and she added that Councilor O’ Flaherty should be better informed.

Councilor O’ Flaherty responded firmly and said it was not the deputy mayor’s role to try to lecture him.

At a later stage, CEO Brendan McGrath said the dandelion provides food for the bee population and this is in line with the Council’s Pollinator programme.

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