Buffet restaurant posts photo of huge pile of customers’ leftovers and begs customers to be more considerate

An all-you-can-eat restaurant in Pampanga has begged customers to finish their food or pay their leftover costs after posting photos of a massive amount of leftovers a group of customers left on their tables – striking a chord with people in line amid high Food prices.

Bumalik po kayo para bayaran yung stay po ninyo. Marami and nagugutom. Magkano lang po ang kita namin, hangad po namin na mabusog ang bawat isa pero sana naman po kahit konting disiplina man lang (Please come back to pay for your leftovers. So many people are hungry. We earn little from this, our goal is to keep everyone full but we hope for a bit of discipline),” Bariotik Eat-All-You-Can wrote on Facebook.

The restaurant charges PHP 499 (USD 10) for each dinner.

The restaurant added that customers responsible for leftovers claimed they were unaware that leftovers were not allowed in the restaurant (a rule of thumb at many buffet restaurants), but argued that it was not. no excuse to waste food.

Many people online sided with the restaurant.

“I hope they just took what they can bear. It’s called ‘eat all you can’, not ‘take all you can and throw the rest away’. What a waste of food” , said one commentator.

“Why not give the rest to the friendly stray dogs and cats in the area. Last time I went there were a lot of them waiting to be given food,” another suggested.

Meanwhile, others said leftover food is unavoidable in a buffet restaurant.

“I’m not against the restaurant but sometimes in a buffet the food is good, sometimes not. Not everything is perfect… That’s why we can’t avoid leftovers,” one wrote.

“Sometimes when the food isn’t good at the buffet, I can’t eat it all. I usually get a plastic bag for our dogs. But not to this extent, it seems like it was done on purpose,” another said.

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