‘Buffet meal = food waste’: Expert suggests restricting buffets until food situation improves

By now, it’s safe to say that almost everyone is feeling the effects of the food shortages and the consequence rising food prices.

The Malaysian government has taken several measures to solve these problems – from the implementation ceiling prices for chicken, providing subsidies for cooking oil and, more recently, distribution cash grants to households and individuals B40.

However, many say that these measures are unsustainable because they would not solve the problem of food shortages or people’s anxiety about the rising cost of living.

A list of solutions

Dr. Khor Swee Kheng, a physician specializing in health systems and global health, recently shared some tweet listing a number of suggestions on how to solve food shortages.

The list is divided into three categories: “Most useful”, “Least useful” and “Not useful”.

In the ‘Not useful’ category, Dr Khor listed 3 of the measures that the Malaysian government has taken in response to the food insecurity crisis: Establishment of a Task force, blame the strangers to take food subsidies and advising citizens to eat less.

fewer eggs

In the “Least Useful” category, he points out that increase in imports is less useful in the long term as he would make more sense for Malaysia develop our local food production.

According to a Tuesday report (Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute), Malaysia produces only 71% of the rice we need, 66% of the fruits we need and 40% of the vegetables we need.


“These figures can be considered downespecially since Malaysia is blessed with fertile soil and abundant water for agriculturewith significant government grants and support provided by various government agencies since the 1960s,” says Dr. Khor.

Furthermore, while government distribution of cash assistance to B40 households and individuals is welcome, Dr Khor suggests that food assistance kits would make more sense because the problem is food shortage.

No short-term magic solution

Commenting on which solutions or measures are most effective, Dr. Khor shares that “food security is a multi-factor problem that requires multi-factor solutions.


“There are no magic short-term overnight solutions for this complex problem, which is why the government must adopt long-term multi-agency solutions and don’t rely on short-term task forces or price caps,” he said.

He also said A WORLD OF BUZZ“Some solutions are technical and relatively simpleAs increase R&D for climate-smart agriculture to increase crop yields. Other solutions are Politics and more complicated, as ruthlessly eliminate cartels and intermediaries.”

“We need viable and practical solutions, not just slogans and short-term postures,” he adds.

In the replies to the tweet, netizens also shared what they think are good solutions to consider.

answer 1

answer 2

Should we stop the buffets for now?

In a subsequent tweet, Dr. Khor also shared how hanging sideboard lunches and dinners in hotels and restaurants for the time being can help solve the food shortage in Malaysia.


This is because buffet meals tend to produce a lot of food waste.

The idea was well received by most netizens under the tweet, as they also shared how it would be reasonable for hotels and restaurants not to offer a la carte menus at the moment.

A la carte

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