Bristol’s new street food restaurant Chaiiwala has door-to-door queues in its first week

An Indian street food chain with more than 40 branches across the UK has opened a restaurant in Bristol.

Chaiiwala started in Delhi in 1927 before moving to the UK with an opening in Leicester four years ago, where she has built up a loyal following for her Indian-inspired teas, street food and soft drink.

Chaiiwala means someone who prepares, sells and serves chai tea at small roadside stalls in the Indian subcontinent.

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The new Bristol branch is located on Stapleton Road on the site of the old employment center.

The small restaurant is located next to the Turkish supermarket Alfu International, which opened in July. The upper floor has been converted into apartments which have all been rented for between £ 1,100 and £ 1,500 per month.

Chaiiwala, open from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., is already proving very popular with locals, with queues sometimes in the street. Awais Tahir, Chaiiwala franchise manager for the South West and South Wales region, told Bristol Live it was “absolutely manic, we didn’t expect to be this busy the first week”.

The Cardiff-based entrepreneur plans to open more branches in the region. In addition to its Cardiff branch and its brand new Bristol branch, it is exploring the possibility of opening another cafe in Clifton.

Mr Tahir said the Stapleton Road cafe offered an “opportunity to give back to the community and create jobs”.

There are currently vacancies at the Stapleton Road branch, paid at the national minimum wage based on age.

Mr. Tahir describes Chaiiwala as an “Indian version of Starbucks, if not better.”

Easton resident Sabiha, who dined there earlier this week, said the place had a “really nice vibe” and was a “cheaper alternative to Starbucks.”

The chain’s menu includes an all-day desi breakfast with an omelet, spicy beans or dal, roti and chai, as well as dishes such as chili paneer, butter chicken roti, pav bhaji and mogo chips.

The company plans to have 188 sites before the end of 2023, creating an average of 1,200 jobs per year‘.

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