Best South Indian Breakfast Buffet in Mumbai

Why is Mumbai called a cosmopolitan city? If you must find a suitable answer, the easiest path to achieve it may be its culinary extravaganza. Reflecting the city’s innate ability to embody diversity, restaurants of all sizes prove that it has flavors from the far reaches of the world. Amidst its sea of ​​foodie stops, what attests to the authentic essence of Mumbai lies south of Vindhyas from the Orchid Hotel. It is undeniably one of the rarest places serving an exhaustive spread of authentic South Indian cuisine. To believe it, you have to dine and experience the sit-down breakfast buffet showcasing a mind-boggling array of 56 dishes and drinks.

Upon entering south of Vindhyas I was received with a warm welcome. The aesthetic of the restaurant reminded me of those old traditional bungalows in the southern states. Extensive use of exotic wood elements replicates the warm nostalgic layout. The first thing that caught my eye was the live breakfast counter which is an enigma in itself. Nearly 30 varieties of dishes are prepared there. To make diners understand what is in store, a sample of these dishes are displayed along with a description.

During this time, hospital staff guides everyone, informing about the menu. And I was amazed to know the vast assortment. The restaurant’s claim that it is India’s best pure vegetarian breakfast seemed legit.

If the variety needs definition

In southern parts of India, the options are upma, medu vada, moong dal appe, paniyaram, Thatte idli and coin idli. Venkatesh Dosa and Vithal Dosa are overloaded with creativity. Especially the first presents the classic, crispy rava dosa with a new twist. For puri lovers, there is Kolkata club kachori with aloo bhaji and masala puri with bhopla bhaji. On the menu you will also find methi toast, steamed kothmir vadi, dadpe poha, pav missal, curd thalipeeth, moong dal chilla, dhokla and khandvi. The choice of chutneys offers coconut, tomato, podi, till oil, methkut, thecha and chundo. The spread also offers a range of fresh fruits and juices, cereals, rolls, croissants, chocolate donuts, muffins and slices of cake. For someone with a sweet tooth, sheera and polished gul are the ultimate. Drink variations include plain coffee, salty, mango lassi, filter coffee, and tea.

Medu vada soaked in sambar

Preserving the culinary tradition of India

One of the Indian customs is to refrain from getting up once you have sat down for dinner. The idea of ​​the sit-down buffet was used by this restaurant. You can choose from a range of items; thus, it still counts as a buffet. Carts and staff come to you while you’re seated instead of getting up from the chair, and that’s where the distinction lies.

Mini size to maximize

An assortment of South Indian dishes

Yes, that can ideally be the slogan of this sideboard. Customers are served a miniature size of the actual dish without compromising taste, flavors, texture or presentation. My favorites were corner idlis, Vithal Dosa, masala puri with bhopla bhaji (an indigenous Maharashtrian pumpkin curry), moong dal appe, club kachori and Venkatesh dosa. “We want our customers to have the opportunity to taste everything. The normal size does not allow this. In addition, the smaller sizes also ensure less food wastage. Customers can have as many servings as they wish”, said Tarun, F&B Manager.

What gets the best score

This is an individual or somewhat subjective opinion. For me, a few were clear winners. The presentation of Vithal dosa shows the chef’s eye for detail. It is a small dosa sponge stuffed with mashed potatoes, then folded into a semi-circle shape. A sprinkle of homemade butter artistically tops the dosa and is guarded by a thin strip of banana leaf. Thalipeeth and steamed kothi meer vadi were very new to my taste buds. Couldn’t resist having a few servings of polished gul and sheera.

Venkatesh dosa

Choose what comes on the plate

You can opt for the full house or choose what comes on the plate from the buffet menu. Given the variety, quality and authenticity of each buffet dish, epicureans travel from the farthest corner of the city to feast on this South Indian breakfast. “We have dedicated customers who come only for this breakfast from far away places. They are a few who have been regular diners. That says a lot about the popularity,” Master Chef Bala Subramanian shared, with a justified pride.

Schedule: 7:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. (every day)

You have to try this seated buffet breakfast at least once. It ensures that pure passion for serving an authentic dish not only satiates hunger, but creates a memory that stays with you forever.

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