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Americans are said to consume about 50 billion hamburgers a year, or about 156 per person. The average American is said to eat about three a week – but for every vegan without a burger, there’s probably at least one carnivore who eats a burger every day. (Watch out for these 30 popular fast foods that are real calorie bombs.)

There’s probably not a corner of the universe where burgers aren’t available, but they remain arguably America’s most famous and enduring contribution to international gastronomy, and burger-making has become an art. in this country. Many serious restaurants now offer a version, perhaps made with artisan cheese and served on a homemade bun; some chefs go crazy with the concept, adding foie gras or other expensive ingredients.

The definitive burger, however, is the fast-food version – the kind sold in staggering quantities everywhere, every day. McDonald’s, by far the largest fast food chain, is reportedly serving 75 hamburgers per second worldwide. (Here’s how much a meal at McDonald’s costs around the world.)

In order to compile a ranking of the best fast food burgers, 24/7 Tempo consulted reviews and comparison lists on a wide range of sites, including Yelp, Mashed, Eat Brand, Time, Thrillist, Reader’s Digest, eat this not that, Business Intern, private soldier, Popped sugar, The daily meal, the ChicagoTribuneand Taste of home to reach a consensus. (Ingredients for the burgers come from each chain’s official website.)

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The burgers that made the list vary in price, size, and amenities — though lettuce, tomato, American cheese, ketchup, and mayonnaise pop up again and again. The cheapest burger on the list is the iconic (and diminutive) White Castle slider at 72 cents. The most expensive is Red Robin’s “gourmet” bacon cheeseburger at $12.32.

Burger #1 might surprise you – or maybe not.

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