Beloved Hamster Crypto Trader Who Outperformed Warren Buffet, Mr Goxx Has Died

Crypto-trading hamster Mr. Goxx, who had a record that outbid some of the biggest big-name investors on Wall Street, has died. The hamster had gained prominence after its owners decided to convert its shares into real exchanges as a joke to emphasize the randomness of success in the cryptocurrency market. Mr Goxx made headlines in September this year when his cryptocurrency portfolio climbed 24% in one day, topping Warren Buffet’s S&P 500 and Berkshire Hathaway during the same period.

Aside from minor kidney failure, its unnamed German owners said there were no other noticeable signs of illness before the hamster’s death, the real one being Max. “Mr. Goxx showed no signs of serious illness, besides having kidney problems which prompted professional mite treatment in its early stages,” their owner tweeted. “While having normal amounts of food until Sunday, he suddenly refused to eat and fell asleep peacefully on Monday morning.”

Mr. Goxx, as the world knew him, had a small “desk” which was nicknamed the “Goxx Box” attached to his cage. Mr. Goxx chose whether he wanted to trade Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency by spinning his wheel, which spun a computer program, through various options. Once his run was over, he exited the wheel area through one of two tunnels – one marked “buy” and the other “sell”.

Every time he entered the tunnels, a Twitch broadcast was played, and an automated tweet was sent to his followers to let them know that a trading session had started. Transactions were made on the basis of its actions by a combination of software scripts, computers and microcontrollers, making every transaction a random shot in the dark, eliminating the chances of any foul play.

Mr. Goxx’s top three holdings, according to the Hamster’s most recent Twitch stream, were Stellar, Ether, and Chiliz. Mr. Goxx’s success has enabled his caretaker to generate nearly $ 12,000 (around Rs. 8.93 lakh) from the sale of Goxx Capital-themed NFT.

According to an interview with Insider in October, the money was used to expand Hamster’s trading portfolio and create a bigger and better trading setup.

“For us, the humans behind Goxx Capital, the situation is difficult to understand and the questions about a possible continuation of the project do not concern us at the moment (for the moment, we will leave everything as is)” wrote The grieving fathers of Mr. Goxx, ending the thread with a thank you to Mr. Goxx.

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