Are they America’s favorite fast food?

On June 5, 2020, the Barstool Sports Twitter account shared a picture of a map which supposedly showed America’s favorite fast food joints by state:

The card went viral, and soon restaurant chains such as Long John Silvers, Rainforest Cafe and Sbarro were trending on Twitter as social media users expressed confusion over how these chains were named favorites in their states.

This map, however, is not based on data from an authoritative source. This card is a prank created by Barstool Sports.

The first clue is that this data would have been compiled by an organization called Public Information and Statistics Society. Not only were we unable to find an official organization by that name, but the acronym for this group is PISS, which, to say the least, is a bit suspicious.

Barstool Sports’ punny follow-up tweet also highlights the humorous intentions of this card:

This map of favorite restaurants also does not correspond, geographically speaking. For example, the map claims The Rainforest Cafe is Colorado’s favorite restaurant chain, despite the fact that there is no Rainforest Cafe locations in the state.

In short, this viral map purporting to show the most popular restaurant chains by state is not real and was a joke shared by Barstool Sports that is not based on any data from a reliable source. In other words, the Barstool Sports and the Public Information for Statistics Society are just “take the piss.”

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