Are these the fastest fast food outlets in Wichita Falls?

That should spark a pretty good debate.

I don’t know about you, but a bad drive-thru experience can make or break a fast food restaurant for me. Like so many others, I most often use the drive-thru when going to a fast food joint.

For me, the most important thing for a drive-thru is that they receive my order correctly. I will always check to make sure the correct items are in the bag, but generally won’t go so far as to make sure the order has been made to my exact specifications before leaving the parking lot.

Much like Leo in Lethal Weapon 2, I won’t go back if a restaurant “fucks you in the drive-thru”.

Another important factor for me is the speed of the drive-thru. No, a slower drive-thru won’t make or break the restaurant for me. But if the wait is excruciatingly long on multiple occasions, I usually won’t go back. Admit it – people usually go the drive-thru route because they’re in a rush.

Earlier today I came across the results of a study that ranked drive-thru lanes for fast food industry leaders. Since all of the restaurants surveyed have locations here in Wichita Falls, I thought I’d share with you most quickly.

4. Arby’s

Wendy’s is putting Arby’s up for sale

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An Arby’s Roast Beef sandwich with curly fries and cheddar cheese is one of my favorite fast food dishes. The drive-thru at Kemp’s location is pretty quick and they usually get my order right.

3. Taco Bell

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Sometimes I just have to have a Crunchwrap Supreme and a Dorito’s Locos Taco. I usually drive to the location on Fairway and they have one of the fastest drive-thrus in town.

2. McDonald’s

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Having two young children, it goes without saying that we eat a lot of McDonald’s. Although McDonald’s drive-thru lanes are still quite fast, I have found myself having to stop in the drive-thru waiting lane much more often in recent years.

1. Chick-fil-A

Chick-fil-A ranks as America’s favorite restaurant according to industry survey

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The undisputed king of fast, friendly and accurate service is Chick-fil-A a mile out in the countryside. Both places here in Wichita Falls are packed around lunch and dinner. But, no matter how busy they are, they manage to get you through the drive-thru quickly.

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