Amy’s Drive Thru brings vegetarian fast food to Aliso Viejo and Thousand Oaks – Orange County Register

Fully vegetarian burgers, shakes, fries, burritos and pizzas?

That’s what Amy’s Drive Thru is and it will soon be here in Southern California. An organic and vegetarian take on classic American fast food, the restaurant was started in 2015 by the founders of Amy’s Kitchen. There are three locations in Northern California, including one at the San Francisco Airport.

New stores are opening in 2022 in Aliso Viejo (late summer, early fall) and Thousand Oaks (late spring, early summer.) There are lots of tempting delicacies on the menu, some dishes can be prepared vegan and all can be served gluten free.

Hamburger patties are not meant to imitate meat, but are freshly made from organic vegetables and grains such as mushrooms, carrots, peppers, bulgur and oats, combined with a blend of spices .

“Our entire menu is vegetarian,” said Dave Wolfgram, president of Amy’s Drive Thru, Inc., in a recent interview. “You can get a traditional milkshake, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, a fantastic cold shake, but they can all be ordered vegan as well; we can make them with a frozen coconut dessert.

There are soups, toasted bagels, waffles, and more goodies like chili fries, chai, and hot chocolate.

The Thousand Oaks location at 400 N. Moorpark Road was once a Mimi’s Cafe. Aliso Viejo’s location, 26641 Aliso Creek Road, used to be a Romano’s Macaroni Grill, but now it will be a 4,200 square foot restaurant with a patio and a drive-thru line. Amy’s look was designed by Clarke & Reilly as a “classic American ride with a California vibe”.

Its health rate is affordable. “Our cheapest item is the Little Bitty Burrito which costs just under $ 4,” Wolfgram said. “We have a great grilled cheese for $ 4.29. The simple burger costs $ 5.29, salads go up to just over $ 10, burritos and pizza fall in between. We have worked very hard to make the prices accessible to everyone, while remaining true to our commitment to sustainability and the use of organic products.

Amy’s is a Certified B company, “a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit,” according to The B Corp certification is administered by standards analysts at the not-for-profit B Lab. These companies “are legally bound to consider the impact of their decisions on their workers, customers, suppliers, the community and the environment.”

Wolfgram hopes Southern Californians will adopt Amy as their neighbors to the North.

“One of our founders, Rachel Berliner, always says how good it feels to watch people walk into the dining room and see a big smile spreading across their faces,” he said. . “It just makes you happy.” It just makes you feel good.

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