A Stoner Food Café

If Stoner Sloth was looking for dinner in Newtown, D’Munchies is where he would end up.

David Pyne is the chef and co-owner of Dr. Munchies. He worked in kitchens around Sydney and London for 11 years. “How the idea came about is pretty obvious. That’s a very strong statement, but that’s kind of what we’re talking about. It’s for the people who like it, and that’s what we’re here for.

A daring two-meter-tall marijuana mural dominates the D ‘Munchies dining room. It’s by local illustrator Sindy Sinn, who has worked for Young Henrys, Mary’s and Mambo.

Munchies’ menu is pretty hilarious – it looks like it’s made up of as many weird and indulgent junk food mixes as they might think. It serves pretzel chopsticks; crispy pretzel-infused ice cream; dense burgers with prosciutto and creamy brie; and pepperoni-pizza hot dogs. The most indulgent dish is the fried ravioli nachos – a gateway snack, if we’ve ever seen one.

“These aren’t just crazy things for fun,” Pyne says. “We found some crazy good combinations, but whether they work in a restaurant is another thing. You can have a Nutella and salt-vinegar crisps sandwich, but does it work? Pyne expects lots of take out sales. There’s even a map on the D ‘Munchies wall showing diners the quickest route to Camperdown Park.

“It’s not for us to tell you to smoke or not to smoke,” says Alessandro Licata, director of D ‘Munchies. “A lot of people come here and look at the mural that we have… I think it’s a new thing that could be really good, and Newtown is the perfect area for that.” We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if the restaurant has more to do than the novelty factor.

“No one has ever seen someone while they’re high,” Pyne laughs. “If you want to go out and smoke a joint, you should be able to. ”

170 King Street, Newtown

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