A ‘rat buffet’ opens in Glasgow this weekend as cleaning workers go on strike

‘The Rat Buffet’ is open for business, Glasgow cleaners have warned, as the vermin problem is set to worsen during the industrial action.

Thousands more waste and recycling workers are set to begin strike action today (Friday), as crisis talks take place this afternoon between union, government and council leaders over the Scottish local government wage offer.

GMB members in sixteen council areas, including Glasgow, will take the first four days of action from Friday August 26 to Monday August 29, coinciding with existing action within Edinburgh City Council.

And the number of rats spotted in Glasgow are expected to increase during the action as they will have easier access to food according to Glasgow GMB manager Chris Mitchell.

Expect to see more rats this weekend.

Mr Mitchell said: ‘The rat problem will only get worse over the weekend with the constant strikes. There will definitely be an increase in the number of rats in the city.

“If we don’t collect waste, there are more resources for food. Some of these bins won’t be emptied for three weeks due to the three weekly bin collections, so by the time the cycle arrives you’re talking about four weeks before the bin is emptied.

“The problem with Glasgow is that the backyards are already littered with rats, so it’s going to get worse. It’s a serious health issue. In Edinburgh, people support us; they just want the mess be cleaned.

“It’s a horror and the rats are everywhere. These are the kinds of things we have to do every day. Imagine if we weren’t there. The problem will only get worse. The rat buffet is very open.

A further four days of strikes in waste management and recycling services also run from Wednesday September 7 to Saturday September 10, alongside a three day strike on September 6, 7 and 8 involving GMB schools and service members. Early Childhood Councils in Glasgow City and East Renfrewshire. .

Representatives of joint local government unions will meet with the Deputy Prime Minister and COSLA leaders shortly, and will again stress the need for a wage offer to combat the spiraling cost of living crisis.

Keir Greenaway, GMB Scotland’s main organizer for public services, warned: “Ambitious proposals from political leaders will not suspend these strikes and they will not put a penny more in the pockets of workers to deal with this cost crisis. of rapidly deteriorating life.

“GMB members are clear that they are not prepared to accept working poverty as an inevitability and their strike actions are a direct response to the failure of political leaders to realize this.

“Tomorrow, this crisis will reach new depths when disastrous hikes are announced for the energy price cap in the fall – our members who are among the lowest paid key workers need better value for the help deal with it.

“This is the first time the government and COSLA leaders will be in the room with the unions, and it is a chance for them to make a clear commitment that at the next meeting of council leaders, they are finally making an offer worthy of our members. ‘ consulting.”

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