A popular soul food restaurant launches its first-ever food truck – 614NOW

LaGlory’s Soul Food Cafe becomes mobile.

According to owner Marc Bradley, the popular restaurant is preparing to launch its first-ever food truck. The truck is nearly complete and will likely hit the road officially on August 16.

With the restaurant itself located in the far east end of town at 3350 Allegheny Ave., the new food truck will allow even more Columbus diners to experience LaGlory’s cuisine.


According to Bradley, the truck’s menu won’t be able to include all of LaGlory’s dining offerings, and he plans to emphasize dishes that are portable and not exceptionally complicated to cook, in order to save space. The final menu will be finished soon.

“Because we’re a food truck, I can’t have all types of meat and vegetables all the time,” he said. “A lot of food trucks have an easier time serving burgers and fries, but we are a soul food restaurant. There is a lot of preparation that goes into what we serve.

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