A massive brawl breaks out at the Golden Corral buffet

Dozens of ticked-off diners engaged in an all-out brawl that was caught on camera at a Golden Corral buffet in Pennsylvania after the restaurant ran out of steak.

Shocking footage from Friday’s fracas shows a crowd of patrons throwing punches and chairs – including baby seats – as others in the crowd rush to safety, video released shows by Facebook user Gavin Lauretta.

Bensalem restaurant workers can be seen trying in vain to calm warring diners, with a child heard crying at one point and the restaurant left a littered mess.

Customers were forced to run for their safety.
Courtesy of @gavinlauretta

“There was a steak shortage and two parties were involved and one family cut off in front of another family,” Lauretta told KYW-TV in Philadelphia. “They were taking their time and they were running out of steak and that led to a heated exchange at the tables.”

In a statement, JK Hospitality LLC, owner of the Golden Corral franchise, acknowledged the melee but said no one was injured.

“We are aware of an unfortunate disruption that began between two groups of guests at our franchise restaurant in Bensalem, Pennsylvania,” the company said in a statement to Fox News. “We have informed the local authorities and they are investigating the incident.

“Fortunately, no serious injuries were reported,” the company said. “The safety of our customers and colleagues is our top priority.”

The Bensalem Township Police Department said in an email to the Post on Tuesday that most dueling patrons were gone by the time cops arrived.

“Fortunately, there were no serious injuries resulting from the fight to our knowledge,” Bensalem Public Safety Director William McVey said in a statement. “Only a few minor injuries were sustained.

Punches and chairs – including infant seats – were thrown.
Courtesy of @gavinlauretta
Bensalem restaurant workers can be seen trying in vain to calm the warring diners.
Courtesy of @gavinlauretta

“Our department is currently investigating the cause of the fight and trying to identify those who were involved,” McVey said.

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