8 new menu items in fast food restaurants

Arby’s is a sandwich chain that, even after 38 years, is still known for its 1984 slogan, “Where’s the beef?” »

But today the question is, “What is beef?”

That’s because Arby’s dabbles in wagyu for its very first burger.

It’s one of many new menu items at quick service restaurants. Here’s a sample of what’s out there.

  • Dolly Parton is singing the praises of Taco Bell’s Mexican pizza these days. (Photo courtesy of Taco Bell)

  • An illustration shows Burger King's three cheesecakes.  (Photo...

    An illustration shows Burger King’s three cheesecakes. (Photo courtesy of Burger King)

  • Arby's has created a Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger with a...

    Arby’s created a Deluxe Wagyu Steakhouse Burger with a mix of waygu and ground beef. (Photo courtesy of Arby’s)

  • Cornbread Munchkins are part of Dunkin's summer menu.  (Photo courtesy...

    Cornbread Munchkins are part of Dunkin’s summer menu. (Photo courtesy of Dunkin’)

  • Dunkin' is serving Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese this summer.  (Photo...

    Dunkin’ is serving Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese this summer. (Photo courtesy of Dunkin’)

  • This illustration shows Dunkin' Mango Pineapple Refreshment.  (Photo courtesy...

    This illustration shows Dunkin’ Mango Pineapple Refreshment. (Photo courtesy of Dunkin’)

  • Starbucks has added a lime-frosted coconut bar to its menu....

    Starbucks has added a lime-frosted coconut bar to its menu. (Photo courtesy of Starbucks)

  • Starbucks has added Chocolate Cream Cold Brew to its menu....

    Starbucks has added Chocolate Cream Cold Brew to its menu. (Photo courtesy of Starbucks)


Article: Wagyu Steakhouse Deluxe Burger

The description: A chain that has specialized in sliced ​​roast beef for nearly 60 years added a burger to its menu, albeit briefly, on Monday, May 23. Wagyu is premium beef from cattle raised in Japan that for the most part hasn’t made it to quick service restaurants. Arby’s describes its patty as “52% American wagyu and 48% ground beef”. It’s cooked sous vide to a slightly pink center, according to a press release, and served on a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato and cheese.

Availablity: Until July 31. Check Arby’s website to see which locations serve the burger and what the price is.

Information: arbys.com

Burger King

Items: Cheesecakes for breakfast

The description: These breakfast sandwiches include sausage, bacon or ham with scrambled eggs and two slices of American cheese on toast.

Availablity: Limited time.


Items: Cornbread and Munchkin Donuts, Tomato Pesto Grilled Cheese, Mango Pineapple Dunkin’ Refreshment

The description: Dunkin’s summer menu includes several new additions. Among them are cornbread fritters and cornbread bites shaped like donut holes; a sourdough white cheddar grilled cheese sandwich with oven-roasted tomatoes and a nut-free pesto spread; and a mango and pineapple drink that can be made with green tea, coconut milk, or lemonade.

Availablity: Seasonal.

Information: dunkindonuts.com


Items: Chocolate Cream Cold Brew, Lime Frosted Coconut Bar.

The description. These items were rolled out with the channel’s summer menu. The cold brew is described as tasting similar to a chocolate malt. Lime Frosted Coconut Bar contains white chocolate chips.

Availablity : Year-round, depending on the company.

Information: starbucks.com

Taco Bell

Article: mexican pizza

The description: If you’ve noticed the drive-thru lines at Taco Bell have been a little longer than usual, it’s probably because the chain restored mexican pizza on its menu on May 19 after pulling it in late 2020. It’s similar to a tostada with a filling of tacos between two crispy tortillas and a filling of cheese and tomatoes. It’s one of the hottest fast food outlets in recent years, and the advertising blitz isn’t over. On May 29, a musical featuring Mexican Pizza fans Dolly Parton and Doja Cat will debut on Tiktok.

Availablity: He’s definitely back, according to Taco Bell.

Information: tacobell.com

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