3 fast food chains in Canada with newsworthy ads

There have been some exciting announcements from several fast food chains in Canada, of new spicy spicy chicken desserts.

It’s always exciting to see and taste what our favorite channels offer us to try.

Tim Hortons, KFC and Wendy’s have all shared some pretty high profile announcements this month, and while a few are still in the works, there’s no doubt people are excited.

Need a refresh? Here are three delicious dishes that are coming to our favorite fast food chains in Canada:


Imagine freshly cracked Canadian eggs, savory applewood smoked bacon and warm cookies every morning. This is just part of what customers can expect once Wendy’s Canada launches its new Morning Birds menu items.


Although this one has already been released, KFC’s latest sandwich, the Kentucky Scorcher is its spiciest creation yet. It’s made with 100% Canadian chicken breast that’s been drizzled with KFC’s signature Scorcher sauce, spicy mayonnaise and crunchy pickles on a toasted bun. It’s so hot the chain will be giving away FREE milk with every sandwich purchase, while supplies last.

Tim Hortons

Go to a grocery store near you! Tim Hortons has launched a line of ice cream flavors including Salted Caramel Iced Cappuccino, Double Chocolate Donut, Timbits Birthday Cake, Apple Donut and Fruit Burst.

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