22 restaurants and fast food places open on Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day may be a popular time to gather friends and family over burgers and hot dogs, but there’s no rule for it to be home. Anyone who doesn’t want to cook and entertain can easily support a local restaurant instead.

Many chain restaurants are open on Memorial Day, May 30, but keep in mind that some locations may have altered hours. It’s always a good idea to call ahead and confirm that a spot is available before venturing out.


If you’re in the mood for one of this chain’s popular $5 Mucho cocktails to get you through the long weekend, fret not. Applebee’s is open on Memorial Day, but call ahead to confirm hours at your nearest location.

Wild Buffalo Wings

Skip the barbecue and order a batch of Spicy Wings on Memorial Day. This channel is open during normal hours.

Burger King

Sure, you can grill on Memorial Day, but if you want to give yourself a day off, most Burger King locations are open.


This beloved Tex Mex chain will be open during its regular hours, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. local time, Memorial Day weekend.

Chuck E. Cheese

Whether you’re looking for games or just lots of pizza, this cheesy chain is open regular hours on Memorial Day.

Cracker Barrel

This chain is great for a hearty fried steak and gravy brunch, and will be open on Memorial Day. It’s best to call ahead and check hours at your nearest location before you go.


This chain is a classic stop for a big breakfast on a busy day, and most locations are open for business on Memorial Day.

Dickey’s BBQ

If you want a barbecue but someone else is doing the work, Dickey’s will be open during normal business hours. However, call ahead as hours vary by location.


Maybe there’s a barbecue planned later in the day, but you still need the caffeine for all that party prep with coffee and donuts.

golden corral

Holidays are for feasting, and if you want a wide variety of food and tons, there’s nothing like a hearty buffet. This popular channel will be open during regular business hours on Memorial Day.


There’s nothing like marking a holiday weekend with a huge stack of pancakes. Go ahead and plan that brunch because IHOP is open on Memorial Day.

Longhorn Steakhouse

Stock up on steak and sides this Memorial Day without firing up your own grill. Some locations in this chain are open during regular hours.


Whether you’re craving fries or a Big Mac, today’s your lucky day. McDonald’s will be open on Memorial Day, but you may want to check its store locator to confirm hours at your nearest location.

olive garden

Does bottomless soup, salad and breadsticks sound better than hot dogs and hamburgers this Memorial Day? You’re in luck, because Olive Garden is open.

On the Border Mexican Grill & Cantina

This chain will be open on Memorial Day for their regular business hours of 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, it is a good idea to confirm hours at a local restaurant.


If you fancy Blooming Onion, Outback is open Memorial Day during regular hours.


Qdoba is always open on Memorial Day. Hours vary, so it’s best to call ahead to verify hours at your preferred location.

red lobster

Whether you want those delicious cheddar cookies or just stock up on crab and lobster, Red Lobster is open regular hours on Memorial Day.


There’s nothing quite like a big, juicy burger on Memorial Day. But if you’d rather have someone else do it for you, Smashburger will be open all weekend and will also be offering a $5 special on their Double Classic Smash on May 28.


Starbucks almost never closes and Memorial Day is no exception. Get those morning lattes at the local drive-thru because Starbucks locations are open.

Texas Truck Stop

Whether you’re craving steak or ribs on Memorial Day, this meaty chain is open. However, times vary by location, so be sure to call ahead.


If you’re craving those spicy chicken tenders, most Wendy’s locations will be open and ready to serve Memorial Day weekend, but store hours may vary by location.


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