2 Texas Fast Food Chains Make Top U.S. Drive-Thru List

The rest of the United States is quickly waking up to some fast food addictions that most Texans have been devouring for years, with an auto-focused media site garnering national praise for two favorites.

The online publication Jalopnik recently published its list compiled by readers of the Best Drive-Through Restaurants in America and – probably unsurprisingly to burger and Tex-Mex eaters in the Lone Star State – whataburger and Taco Cabana (both based in San Antonio) are among the top 10 favorites.

Jalopnik notes that Whataburger’s popularity among drive-thru consumers may have something to do with the chain’s many burger options (“Perhaps its popularity is due to the 36,864 different burger combinations that customers can create with the company’s line of trims”).

Further applauding the burger chain, which has maintained an almost cult following since the brand launched in Texas in the 1950s, a Jalopnik reader even shared a story about a first-time Whataburger experience.

“Whataburger, hands down,” the poster told Jalopnik of their favorite drive-thru in the country. “If it’s on the menu, it can be on your burger. I once had the joy of watching a kid from New Jersey eat Whataburger for the first time. It was like that scene from The road when the son takes a coke for the first time in his life.

In addition to this transformative experience (true Texans know that a perfect Whataburger meal can be an epiphany), Jalopnik readers have also hailed Taco Cabana as one of the best drive-thru in the country.

Although Jalopnik, who is clearly not based in Texas, downplays the formidable Tex-Mex chain, calling it “another taco joint” that serves up a host of “Mexican treats”, readers (and probably the Texas-based enthusiasts) cleared the post. , calling Taco Cabana’s freshly baked flour tortillas, line of salsas and alcoholic offeringsand mentioning the brand’s much better quality than Taco-Bell.

“Several orders of magnitude better than Taco Hell,” reads a Jalopnik poster.

Another reader notes that the channel is a middle-of-the-night date, which many Texans can also relate to.

“Taco Cabana,” the poster says of their favorite drive-thru, “especially the ones that run 24 hours a day. Nothing, I mean nothing, beats a few barbacoa tacos at 3 a.m.

Other drive-thru chains that rank in Jalopnik’s readers’ top 10 include Wyoming-based Taco John’s, the ubiquitous California-based burger restaurant In-N-Out, California-based Baker’s Burgers, Jack in the Box, the Chicago-born hot dog spot Portillo’s, universally loved Chik-Fil-A, Culver’s, quality burger restaurant and Runza sandwich restaurant.

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